Saturday, 22 April 2017

Roll With Change - Or Be Rolled Over By It!

In Life, one thing is certain. Change is inevitable. Change will be. Change Is. You can either choose to roll with change - or be rolled over BY it! When change is forced upon us, without notice, it can be a challenge to stay positive. But you MUST. If ever I can help anyone to understand anything? It will be this, small but important thing; Change = Opportunity. I will expand upon this in future posts but for just this moment, please indulge me? I want to share a few lessons learned from sudden and unyielding change.

The first lesson would have to be to stay flexible. Rigidity in uncertain times, whether in business or life, will cause extra drag - more than simply gravity!
Second lesson is that it is always good to do a deep, clean out. Yes. Moving forward, a part of my business plan will be the occasional, deep discount fire sale. Were I to do it again, I'd go through, deactivate any items with high value/intrinsic value like gold or gemstones and sell the older stock to clear room/make money to purchase, newer, fresher, higher end "trade ups" if you will.
Third lesson is this; sentimentality in business is counter productive. It is perfectly fine to have a sentimental attachment to things. But not things you want to sell. As long as I am making my money back, to reinvest with a more critical eye? I will be very happy. If I end off making a bit above break even from whatever sale I implement? Kudos! We all love the Chedder - right? lol But in the end? In Vintage/preused? An item is worth whatever someone is willing to give you on the day you decide to sell it.

Finally? Be Proactive!
Here endeth the lessons. up to now.
Your Pal. always,


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  2. Hip-itty do dah, Ms. Guru. I hear the crickets making their music for the dance. You write Good Truth, my dear friend. The steps are guided by the sound, and I hear yours with love, openness and joy.
    Don't stop. Any of it! I'll keep listening. And dancing!!!
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    1. HA! LOVE YOU!!!! and I dont know where it is at! I will be moving the blog to my new site soon tho so hold onto yer hats!

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